Meysam Arshadi

Meysam Arshadi



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Department: Middle East Studies
Research Centre/Unit: The European Centre for Palestine Studies

Meysam Arshadi is an experienced and dynamic media professional with exposure over the last two decades across print and digital media. He has gained extensive experience across print and digital media, commercial, and TV Production, and particularly in TV production management, news output and all-round video production, working on a wide range of media campaigns and projects.

He has begun a PhD at the University of Exeter on a part-time basis to deepen his knowledge on Digital Humanities; undertaking a multi-disciplinary research on ‘Mapping the Palestinian and Israeli Meta-narratives of Conflict, on Twitter’.

Prior to this, Meysam also studied an MA in International Journalism at London Metropolitan University (2012),  an MSc in Electronic Media at Bangalore University, India (2007) and a BSc in Business Economics at The University of Tehran, Iran (2001).