Mike Rose-Steel


Telephone: (0)7976831872 

College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: English


I have recently completed my PhD entitled "Wittgenstein and Poetry: Negotiations of the Inexpressible". In it I have argued for a practice-oriented reading of Wittgenstein that takes into account some of the supposedly marginal elements of his writing, such as aesthetics, ethics, style and religion. The reading is fleshed out through comparison with the concerns and techniques of poetry, including case-studies of Wallace Stevens, Jorie Graham, John Burnside and Kei Miller.

My research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to poetry, philosophy and critical theory, modernist literature and culture, creative writing pedagogy, the inexpressible and the ineffable in literature, theology and grammar, animal rights, translation studies and the technologies of thought.

As a practising poet I  regularly collaborate with the international Exegesis collective, and run Spindlebox, a small poetry press with Isabel Galleymore and Wei Hsien Wan.