Mijke Van Der Zee



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Research Centre/Unit: Environmental Biology

I completed my BSc in Biology at Wageningen University & Research center in the Netherlands in 2010. I specialised in ecology, with a focus on aquatic ecology.

Before starting my master degree, I decided to gain some work experience and travel to south east Asia on my own. I volunteered in a wildlife rescue centre.

In 2012 I moved to Portsmouth, UK, to start my MSc in Applied Aquatic Biology, which I completed with distinction. My final research project investigated aggressive behaviour of blue cod around a food source using baited underwater videos.

Between 2013 and starting my PhD in 2016 I have worked various jobs, including science technician at a secondary school in West Sussex. This was a great experience and contributed to my enthusiasm to get young people involved in science.

For the first 2 years of my PhD I was based at Sussex University. As part of a Widening Participation project there, I developed a GCSE lesson on chromosomes and genetic diversity. Other outreach programmes I have volunteered with are the Bright Sparks festival, Crawley STEM in the Park festival and Brighton Soapbox Science. I was also part of the founding team of the 500 Women Scientists Brighton pod.

In my free time I play volleyball, go for runs & hikes in the countryside, and I love to bake!