Mohammed Alzahrani

Department: English
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Project Summary

Developing Reading Comprehension for L2 Learners by Questioning the author 


Thematic Analysis in Educational Research: Examples and Procedures


Supervisory Team

Prof. Debra Myhill ; Dr Ruth Newman



Wider Research Interests

Mixed Methods, Research Methods, Teaching English for L2 learners

Authored Publications/Reports

Mohammed Abdullah A Alzahrani (27th April 2019) Teachers’ Knowledge of Diabetes and Attitudes towards Diabetic Students in the Primary Schools in Al Baha City in Saudi Arabia, International Journal of Education & Literacy Studies, Volume: 7 Issue: 2, 156-171

Mohammed Abdullah A Alzahrani () Writing a literature review: Basics Processes and Practical Procedures (Arabic Copy), in press

Mohammed Abdullah A. Alzahrani (10th January 2020) Quality criteria of qualitative research معايير تقييم جودة البحوث النوعية في العلوم الإنسانية ( Arabic Version), International Journal of Educational & Psychological Studies (EPS) , Volume: 8 Issue: 3, 605-622

Mohammed Abdullah A. Alzahrani (5th February 2020) Book Review The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success, (3rd edition), by Lawrence A. Machi and Brenda T. McEvoy (2016), Academic Journal of Research and Scientific Publishing, Vol 1 | Issue 10, 1-4