Molly Ryder Granatino


17th March 2016:

Architecture and Experience in the Nineteenth Century

Paper title, "An Architectural Turn: Architectural Metaphor and Psychological Realism in the Mid-Victorian Novel." St John's College, Oxford.

31st August 2014:

The Brontes and the Condition of England

Paper title, "'going mad from solitary confinement': Asylum Metaphors in Charlotte Bronte's Villette." The Bronte Society. University of Warwick.

5th June 2014:

Between Places and Spaces: Landscapes of Liminality

Paper title, "'every door might be Death's Door': Dickens, Walker and the Victorian Cemetery." Trinity College Dublin. 

5th June 2013:

The Global and the Local

Paper title, "Building the Mind: 'Labyrinthine Extension' and Psychological Realism in George Eliot's Middlemarch." NAVSA/BAVS/AVSA. Ca'Foscari University of Venice.

25th April 2013:

Civilizing Bodies: Literature, Rhetoric and Image 1700-Present Day

Paper title, "'A teacher of new truths': George Eliot's Contribution to Victorian Psychology." Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter.

24th March 2013:

Home and Nation: Reimagining the Domestic 1750-1850

Paper title, "'Whence this rude invasion of the tomb?': G.A. Walker and the Encroachment of the London Burying Ground." University of Leeds.

1st May 2012:

Humanities Postgraduate Research Conference

Paper title, "Lucy Snowe's Solitary Confinement." University of Exeter.

February 2009:

British Commonwealth & Post-Colonial Studies Conference

Paper title, "Doubly Named, Doubly Confined in Wide Sargasso Sea and 'Desiree's Baby.'" Georgia Southern University, Savannah Georgia.


English Graduate Conference

I organized two English Graduate Conferences, hosted by University of North Florida.