Mona Farag

February 2008 to February 2009

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Political Science at British University in Egypt. Conducted weekly tutorials for four political science classes (Public Policy and Public Administration, Conflict and Order in the Middle East, International Organizations, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution). Assisting in creating the course outline and syllabus as well as grading research papers and final exams. Helped students become better acquainted with qualitative research methodologies and the Chicago style of citation within their research paper.

September 2005 to April 2007

Graduate Assistant, Department of Political Science at the University of Windsor, ON I was responsible for conducting weekly tutorials, comprised of two classes, with a number of twenty students in each class, for an introductory political science undergraduate course, as well as proctoring examinations and being solely responsible for grading a wide range of research papers, assignments and student submissions. The position of graduate assistant was allocated to three different political science courses, each for a semester duration, with themes ranging from an introduction to global politics; comparative politics, to media and democracy.