Monica Ronchi


20th July 2016:


I will be presenting a paper titled: Limiting political opposition: the role of mental health and stigma in repressing activism at the 2016 Biennial conference of the European Association for Social Anthropologists.

13th July 2016:

International Society for Political Psychology Annual Meeting

I will be presenting a poster on my PhD research at the Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology. More information on the event can be found HERE.

24th November 2015:

Middle East Studies Association - Denver

During the 2015 Annual Meeting of the 2015 Middle East Studies Association (MESA), I presented a paper on the politicisation of colonial psychiatry in Algeria.

8th June 2015:

Researching the Middle East: Fieldwork, Archives, Issues and Ethics

I co-organised the 2015 Postgraduate Research Student Conference for the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies. For the first time, we opened the call for papers to outside scholars, making the event a truly international symposium with speakers from the United States, Japan and the Middle East. Moreover, we invited Ilan Pappe and Ala'a Shehabi to participate as keynote speakers and share their experiences as illustrious researchers in their field. 

Graduate School Skills Workshops

30th June 2015:

ISPP Summer Academy - San Diego

In June 2015 I attended the Summer Academy organised by the International Society for Political Psychology. This gave me an opportunity to network with experts and new scholars alike, and to be introduced to the field of Political Psychology.