Prof Nazrul Islam


Telephone: 01392723207 

College: The Business School

Professor Nazrul Islam joined the University of Exeter Business School in January 2016. He was previously a Senior Lecturer of Management in Dundee Business School; a Lecturer of Innovation and Operations Management and Director of Postgraduate Research at Aberystwyth University School of Management and Business. Prior to this, he held several academic positions at Cardiff University, Middlesex University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dhaka University and North South University. He was awarded a PhD in Innovation Management focusing on Nanotechnology Systems of Innovation.

Prof Islam is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, and an Academic Editor ofBritish Journal of Applied Science and Technology. His expertise lies in the interface between Management and Engineering. His research interests include national and technological innovation systems; the management of disruptive technology innovation; research and development collaborations; technology linkages and forecasting; and the development of innovation assessment indicators. He has been successful in securing internal and external grants, leading and collaborating with colleagues on successful projects on the collaborative innovation process and on the exploration of the UK industry in taking up technological systems of innovation. His research was funded by the UK Research Council (EPSRC), SUPERGEN Consortium UK, Glyn Rowland's Foundation, Japanese Ministry of Education, Yarmuk and Aberystwyth University Research Grants.

Prof Islam has published an authored book and two edited volumes, and his research has received academic awards including the ‘Brad Hosler Award for Outstanding Paper’ from the PICMET 2015, Portland, Oregon, USA; and the ‘Pratt & Whitney Canada Best Paper Award’ from the R&D Management Conference, Ottawa, Canada. Prof Islam received the ‘Award of Excellence’ for valuable services as Member of the Business and Applied Sciences Academy of North America (BAASANA) Board of Directors. He has received an award by the PICMET as Nominating Professor in recognition of outstanding PhD student mentoring. He welcomes high quality research proposal from prospective PhD students.

Prof Islam has specialist knowledge and experience of teaching in more than one of the cognate areas across discipline. He teaches innovation management, operations management and supply chain management. He received a ‘Teaching Excellence Award’ as recognition for his outstanding contributions to teaching and learning in the Business School. In the past, he served as Director of Postgraduate Research, Chair of the Postgraduate Examination Board, and a Member of the Learning & Teaching Committee. He is a Professional Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK and a member of professional associations including PICMET, IAMOT and ISPIM.