Nesrin Tantawy

Department: English
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: EDD TESOL- Dubai

Project Summary

  • What is the Role of L1 in L2 Classrooms?’ in the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR), 4(9)67-72.
  • The sociolinguistic functions of code-switching in the Arabic religious discourse’ in the proceedings of the second BUiD Doctoral Research Conference (BDRC), 2016
  • ‘Effectiveness of English as a Medium of Instruction in the UAE: Perspectives and Outcomes from the Instructors and Students of University Science Courses’. Educational Research for Policy and Practice. Published August 19th, 2017 (
  • ‘Looking at English-Medium Instruction in Science Education through Different Binoculars’. In ‘Science Education in the UAE: Needs and Challenges’ (ACCEPTED)
  • ‘Wage Disparity Between Male and Female Teachers in the Private Sector’ in the proceedings of the third BUiD Doctoral Research Conference (BDRC), 2017
  • ‘Using Different Questioning Strategies in High School English Literature and Mathematics Classes’ in the proceedings of the International Conference on Education, Humanities and Management (ICEHM-17), Dubai, UAE
  • ‘Investigating Teachers’ Perceptions of the Influence of Professional Development on Teachers’ Performance and Career Progression’ in the Arab World English Journal, 2020 (ACCEPTED)
  • ‘Questioning the policy of teaching ‘Moral Education’ through English as a foreign language in a private school in Dubai’ in Language Teaching Research Quarterly, 2020 (ACCEPTED)
  •  ‘Investigating Students’ and Instructors’ Perceptions of English-Medium Instruction (EMI) at Tertiary-Level Science Education in UAE’ on Dissertations for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) &