Nick Tait

Personal details


Date of Birth:

19th February 1991





University of Exeter

PhD in Arab and Islamic Studies, Doctor of Philosophy

Thesis Title: Archaeological Ceramics as Chronological Indicators on Islamic Sites in Eastern Ethiopia

Supervisors: Prof. Timothy Insoll and Dr. John Cooper


University of Manchester

MA Archaeology 2.1

Dissertation Title: Meroitic Pottery and Foodways: A Study from Faras

Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Timothy Insoll


University of Glasgow

Undergraduate MA Archaeology 2.1

Dissertation Title: Local Responses to Egypt in the Borderland regions of Nubia and the Levant in Egypt's New Kingdom Period

Dissertation Supervisor: Dr. Claudia Glatz

Additional Courses:

- Mathematics (2 Years)

- Celtic Civilisation (1 Year)

- Earth Sciences (1 Year)


Professional/research experience

March 2021 - present:

University of Exeter, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Archaeological Illustrator

November 3 2020 - December 3 2020:

University of Exeter, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Archaeological Site Supervisor on a PhD student research project in Bahrain.

November 2 2019 - November 29 2019:


Archaeological Finds Supervisor on the Bahrain Archaeological Project directed by Prof. Timothy Insoll.

2017 - 2020:

Harlaa & Harar, Ethiopia

Archaeological Ceramicist on the ERC funded Becoming Muslim: Conversion to Islam and Islamisation Project, totalling 5 months of fieldwork as part of PhD research (2017-2019) and an additional 1 month after completing the PhD (2020)


Piddington Roman Villa, UNAS

Volunteer Archaeologist, 4 weeks


Skriđuklaustur Monastery, Iceland

Volunteer Archaeologist, 8 weeks

2007 - 2009:

Bamburgh, Bamburgh Research Project

Volunteer Archaeologist, total of 7 weeks


CV: Membership of Professional Bodies/Professional Qualifications


Society of Africanist Archaeologists