Noel Maurer Trew

19th January 2015 to 24th March 2015

Challenges of World Politics in the 21st Century

I taught the seminar portion of POL1018: "Challenges of World Politics in the Twenty-First Century" to 75 undergraduate students. In this course, students applied different theoretical perspectives to analyse the origins and possible solutions to today's most pressing global challenges, including: human rights abuses, economic inequality, poverty, environmental degradation, terrorism, and war. Rather than providing 'sanctioned answers' to these issues, the course focuses on developing students' reasoning and research skills. By the end of the course, students were expected to be able to make valid and insightful comparisons between international relations theories as applied to specific cases and should be able to articulately advocate their own political/policy viewpoints about the main challenges in world politics.

1st June 2012 to 29th September 2014

Introduction to Behavioural Sciences

As a captain in the US Air Force, I taught the core psychology curriculum to 140 officer-cadets per year. This course emphasises the basics of the scientific method and setting up a study in psychology. Throughout the semester, we would critically examine several major theoretical perspectives and I would help my students to use what they learned to think more deeply about the causes of human behaviour. The goal for this course was to encourage cadets to move past simplistic assumptions about others and ultimately to foster respect for the people they will encounter day-to-day in their military careers.