Olafur Margeirsson



College: The Business School
Discipline: Economics
Department: Financial Instability, International Economics

Finished my BSc. degree in Economics in the spring of 2008 from the University of Iceland. I completed my MSc. degree in Money & Banking from the University of Exeter in the autumn 2009 (distinction & Dean's Commendation ) and continued directly into PhD. The emphasis of my research is the development of financial instability and its interaction with foreign direct investment (FDI).

My interests in banking can to a large extent be traced to my former work as a junior economist at Kaupthing Research Department from 2006 to 2008. My BSc. dissertation dealt with the Icelandic banks and their expansion in comparison with other Nordic banks. Later on, my interests developed towards the theory of the Lender of Last Resort which was the central thread in my MSc. dissertation. The idea of an international lender of last resort and the (dramatic) collapse of the Icelandic banking system in 2008 sparked my interests in the workings of the international financial system, which in short is the realm which my research at the moment is concentrated in.

My MSc. dissertation - send me an email if you have any enquiries:
Financial Crises in Wealthy Economies: Five Factors that Influence the Need for Aid from the International Monetary Fund

My blogs:
Icelandic Economics and Eyjan.is (Icelandic).

Beside economics, I enjoy a healthy lifestyle (running, the gym, ju jitsu, walks with my dogs), reading and pushing my boundaries.