Owain Connors

Owain James Connors



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Archaeology
Department: Archaeology

Owain graduated from his BA Hons in Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Exeter in 2008 before going on to complete his MA in  Archaeology at the same institution in 2010. He is currently undertaking research into the effects of Anglo-Norman lordship upon the landscape of medieval Wales. Owain’s interest in researching the landscape of medieval Wales grew out of a combination of fascination with the countryside of his native Wales and a lifelong love of the study of the middle ages.

Owain's particular research interests include:
  • Landscape change in medieval Wales from the Anglo-Norman Conquest until the Statute of Rhuddlan.
  • How this landscape change was affected by Anglo-Norman lordship and whether any landscape change was driven by the social elite or the will of the general populace.
  • How Anglo-Norman lordship manifested itself in the landscape of medieval Wale (i.e. castles, urbanism and designed landscapes etc).
  • The use of place-names and historic maps as evidence to base research into the historic landscape.
  • The use of GIS as a medium within which to undertake research into the historic landscape.
Conference Papers:
  • 'The Effects of Anglo-Norman Lordship: Landscape Change in Post-Conquest Monmouthshire', Paper Presented to the Medieval Archaeology Post-graduate Colloquium, University of Cambridge, October 2011.