Owen Tomlinson


Telephone: 01392 264721 

College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Research Centre/Unit: Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre

My research will examine intervention strategies in the management of Cystic Fibrosis, in an attempt to improve exercise capacity, health and quality of life for children in the region. This research will be conducted in cooperation with the CF team within the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust.

I previously studied Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath and undertook a year-long industrial placement at the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre as part of this course. This placement introduced me to the field of paediatric exercise physiology and initiated a desire to work in this field in the future. It was during this placement that I was also introduced to the role exercise plays in the prognosis of disease severity in clinical groups, in particular those with CF. Following my undergraduate, I returned to the University of Exeter where I completed my Master’s degree in Paediatric Exercise and Health, investigating the acute effects of differing exercise intensities upon glycaemic control in adolescent boys.