Pamela Bretschneider

Graduate School Skills Workshops

March 2009:

The Ethics of Science and the Science of Ethics

February 2009:

Impact Factor: Writing for Publication in Scientific Research

January 2009:

Making Progress in Your PhD for 2nd Years

January 2009:

Prepare your Professional Life: An Introduction to Management

October 2008:

Better than Google: Getting the most from Social Sciences Resources Online

August 2008:

An Introduction to Electronic Journals

July 2008:

Avoiding PhD Pitfalls: Understanding plagiarism and academic misconduct

July 2008:

Managing Paper Piles: An introduction to EndNote bibliographic referencing

February 2008:

Take Control: Personal Effectiveness in the PhD

January 2008:

Take a PhD in 3 years: Project and time Managing

January 2008:

Going Global: Presenting a conference paper

December 2007:

Literature Review

November 2007:

Effective Reading in Research

October 2007:

Nuts and Bolts: How to Get Your PhD in a day


September 2009:

BPS Social Psychology Annual Conference

Presented poster

July 2009:

3rd Southampton Symposium on Self and Identity

"The Relational Self"

April 2009:

Harnessing Identity for Improved Organisational Outcomes

Mini conference at the University of Exeter

January 2009:

Advances in Organizational Psychology: Theory meets Practice

Mini Conference at the University of Exeter

September 2008:

SoDoc Workshop Bielefeld (Germany)

Presented paper "Dealing with Identity Loss" and dicussed results of survey

July 2008:

2nd Southampton Symposium of Self and Identity

"Existential Perspectives on the Self" and "Reconciling the Self System"

February 2008:

Women, Identity & Employability

At the University of Teesside (Middlesbrough)
Presented Paper: "Dealing with Identity loss: Unemployment from a Social Identity perspective"



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