Paschalis Gkortsilas


August 2007:

XV International Patristics Conference, Oxford University

“Paul’s mouth”: John Chrysostom’s seven encomiums to Paul. A rhetorical and philological study.'

April 2007:

University of Antwerp, Belgium

“The representation of the Orthodox Church in the Greek media: Issues and encounters.” Paper presented at the conference “Believin’ the Media, Analysis of Faith and Media: Representation and Communication Strategy”

October 2006:

Pappas Patristic Institute, Brookline, MA

“The problem of evil and the refutation of dualism: a Byzantine patristic approach.” Paper presented at the conference “Evil and Suffering in the Patristic Period”

April 2005:

Pappas Patristic Institute, Brookline, MA

“Themes and Strategies in Gregory of Nyssa’s Oratio Catechetica.” Paper presented at the First Graduate Students Conference of Pappas Patristic Institute

Graduate School Skills Workshops

22nd September 2013:

University of Exeter Researcher Development Programme

20th September 2013:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Stage 1)

  • The nature of learning in Higher Education environments.
  • I.L.Os. and their relationship to teaching, learning and assessment methods.
  • Varied approaches to teaching methods and techniques.
  • The uses of technology in teaching.


Professional Meetings

21st May 2014:

Humanities Technology Showcase

As part of the Technology Champions initiative, I worked with Education Quality and Enhancement and put together an event for Humanities staff and postgraduate students. Six presenters, a mixture of staff and students, gathered in Queen's MR1 to speak about a particular technology or collection of technologies that they find to be invaluable for their research.