Patrick Bury



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Strategy and Security Institute
Department: Sociology

I am an ESRC-funded PhD candidate examining the current reform of the UK's Army Reserves (FR20). I have a particular interest in military unit cohesion and am researching how the main changes outlined in Future Reserves 2020 will impact company-level performance, especially within logistics units, where organisational transition and pressures are greatest.

I have previously served as Captain in the Royal Irish Regiment, have written a book about my platoon's experiences in Afghanistan, and have worked as an analyst for NATO and a private security company. I currently work part-time as a Libya consultant.

I have appeared as a commentator on security matters in numerous UK and Irish media outlets, including BBC, Sky News, BBC Hardtalk, Channel 4, ITV, RTE, Irish Times, The Guardian, The Independent, etc.

I am a graduate of the National University of Ireland (B.A. History and Geography), King's College London (M.A. Intelligence and International Security) and the University of Exeter (MRes, Security, Conflict and Justice).