Dr Patrick Businge

Personal details





Doctor of Education in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, University of Exeter (Pass with no amendments) 2015


Master Arts in Education, University of Hertfordshire (Commendation) 2010   


Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Open University (Pass) 2007  
Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theology, Middlesex University (First Class) 2006
Bachelor of Philosophy, Pontifical Urbaniana University (Magna Cum Laude) 1999


Professional/research experience

September 1 2006:

Doctoral Articles

Businge, P (2011) Critical Reflections on Teacher Professionalism. Exeter: University of Exeter.

Businge, P (2011) A Critique of OFSTED’s Review  on Special Educational Needs. Exeter: University of Exeter.

Businge, P (2010) Disability and Human Rights: A Personalist Critique. Exeter: University of Exeter.

Businge, P (2010) The Quest for a Meeting point in Educational Research. Exeter: University of Exeter.

Research Essays

Businge, P (2010) Enhancing Resilience in Learners with Special Educational Needs using WebQuests: MA Dissertation. Hatfield: University of Hertfordshire.

Businge, P (2006) The Victimization of Children in the Context of Violence in Algeria: A Christian Ethical Response, BA Dissertation. London: MIL.