Patrick Finnegan



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Politics
Department: Social Science and International Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Strategy and Security Institute

I am a final year PhD candidate at SSI. I have a Double Honours BA in German and History and an MA in Military History and Strategic Studies from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. 

My current research is concerned with examining the development of cohesion - military effectiveness - in irregular forces over time. My case study is the Provisional IRA. Through this case study it is possible to see how professionalisation, functional speciality and training, combined with a structural reorganisation allowed for a dramatic increase in capabilities. My work utilises the theories presented in military cohesion literature and attempts to analyse the Troubles in a manner not attempted previously. 


Additionally, I am a visiting lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, leading design of a new Strategic Studies module.