Philip Bremner

Department: School of Law
Research Centre/Unit: Network on Family Regulation and Society

Project Summary

This project is a socio-legal study of the ways in which parents of children conceived using assisted reproduction, particularly same-sex couples, involve the donor/surrogate through the creation of co-parenting arrangements. This comparative, empirical study will involve in-depth interviews with participants in the UK and Canada, which will form the basis of a discussion about how the law should regulate such co-parenting arrangements.

Supervisory Team

My first supervisor is Professor Anne Barlow who is professor of family law and policy in the School of Law ( My second supervisor is Dr Janet Smithson who is a teaching fellow in the School of Psychology and a research fellow in the School of Law (

Wider Research Interests

I have previously researched in the areas of private international law, international child maintenance, European Union constitutional law and comparative inheritance law. My current research interests, however, focus on family law, socio-legal research, legal theory and human rights.

Authored Publications/Reports

P Bremner (1st April 2011) International Child Maintenance in Europe, K Boele Woelke et al, The Future of Family Property In Europe, (Intersentia, European Family Law Series)