Pia Benaud



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences

An interest in understanding our interaction with and impact on the natural environment led me to an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, at Griffith University.  Through following the 'natural resource science' major I developed a particular interest in land degradation and catchment management.  During my undergraduate program I also spent a year at the University of East Anglia, as part of the IRU/EU scholarship exchange program, which increased my global perspective on these and other environmental issues.

Following the completion of my BSc I enrolled in the Griffith School of Environment Honours Program, which involved conducting a year-long, supervised research project. My research was situated within an academic and industry based project that was investigating the suitability of phytocovers for landfill management, in Australia.

Returning to my main area of interest, I spent two years working as a research technician for Professor Richard Brazier and his team at the University of Exeter on The Mires Project and on a Wessex Water funded project investigating the impact of moorland restoration on water quality in Nutscale Reservoir.

I am now conducting a PhD within the Defra-funded research project: SP1311 - Piloting a cost-effective framework for monitoring soil erosion in England and Wales.  Please see the 'research' tab for details.