Lauren Smith

Project Summary

The Amazon basin covers 40% of South America with the majority being in Brazil. Droughts, deforestation and fires are the three major environmental issues anticipated to affect the Amazon region in the 21st century and there is evidence these climate-induced hazards can affect vector-borne epidemics, and poor air quality associated with forest fires can also be harmful to the (respiratory) health of a population. This project focuses on quantifying the basin-wide impacts of these environmental issues and the health of the Amazonian population in the Brazilian Amazon. This research will examine past and present impacts and use Global Climate Models to predict future climate change in the Brazilian Amazon to investigate any similarities experienced over the past decade and finally provide mitigation or adaptation strategies.

Authored Publications/Reports

Assan, J.K, Assan, S, K, Assan, N & Smith, L (2009) Health Inequality in Resource Poor Environments and the Pursuit of the MDGs Traditional versus Modern Healthcare in Rural Indonesia, Journal of Health Managment, Vol 11, no. 1, 93-108