Rami Chehab


Telephone: +447449984445 

College: The Business School
Discipline: Economics
Department: The Business School, University of Exeter
Research Centre/Unit: Econometrics

Rami Chehab, is currently a Researcher, student assistant, and a part-time lecturer at the University of Exeter specializing in Econometrics. Mr. Chehab has both industrial and academic experience. In regards for the industrial experience Mr. Chehab always engaged himself with internships in investment companies when time is convenient. In regards for educational experience Mr. Chehab had lead lots of modules at the University of Exeter including Master level modules. Moreover, Mr. Chehab is continuously enhancing his teaching abilities in order to engage and reach his students’ minds and hearts. Therefore, Mr. Chehab decided to take the 30 credits worth Masters in education.