Riadh Ghemmour


24th October 2019:

International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning (Frankfurt, Germany)

I presented a poster about my PhD project in an international conference in Germany. The poster's title was: deconstructing the teaching and learning about research methods in education at master's level in the Algerian universities

17th June 2019:

Centre for Social Mobility Conference 2019

The conference took place at the University of Exeter. It held a series of workshops and seminars which aimed to raise people's awareness of and build stronger institutions to social mobility and about future plans to improve success, access and progress of windening participation students within HE. 

22nd March 2019:

GSE Annual Conference 2019, university of Exeter, England, UK

I presented a symposium based on my PhD research with another final year PhD student and Dr. Alexandra Allan as a discussant. The title of the symposium is: Drawing on GSE PGR educational research in order to inform to inform GSE educational provision and practice. 

24th February 2019:

International Conference on Research in Teaching, Education and Learning (ICRTEL), Dubai

PhD Symposium: Exploring Masters' Students' Experiences of the Dissertation in the Field of Education at the Algerian University 

10th April 2018:

IATEFL Conference 2018, Brighton

Attendee in the international association of teachers of English as a foreign language conference which took place in Brighton between 10 April-13 April 2018. 

Professional development skills

23rd March 2018:

Annual Staff / PGR Educational Research Conference 2018

committee member of the annual staff / PGR educational research conference 2018, School of Education, University of Exeter 

Graduate School Skills Workshops

17th October 2019:

Decolonising methodologies workshop

I was selected to attend a highly-selective workshop on decolonising methodologies workshop delivered by Pr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith (University of Waikato, New Zealand), Dr. Michaela Benson (Goldsmiths, UK), and Sara Salem (LSE, UK). This one-day workshop was exclusively for early career researchers and postgraduate researchers working on the area of decolonisation. It explored intersections of imprerialism and research, as well as deconstructing mainstream research practices and theories within delegates' research projects and teaching practices. 

10th July 2019:

Participant Observation Workshop

The research methods centre organised a workshop about using participation observation in research. It introduced us to the different principles, practical and ethical issues around this research method.  

14th June 2019:

Creactive Interviewing in Social Science

I attended a full day workshop organised by GW4 (University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Cardiff, and University of Exeter) which introduced us to a mixture of theoratical and practical sessions in using interviews creatively. The workshop also covered issues related to  ethics, logistics, and other practical challenges as well as how these can be addressed. 

11th December 2018:

Research Workshop organised by the centre for research in writing

The centre organised a workshop regarding the use of mixed methods research in educational inquiry. The workshop involved discussion and reflection on the use, the theoratical underpinnings and the limitations of MMR.

23rd October 2018:

What can I do with a Research Degree?

This workshop focused on different ways to optimise one's research career through reflecting on our strength and weaknesses, networking skills, seeking help from experienced people, exploring wide range of career options, etc

19th September 2018:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) Stage 1

This one-day session introduced participants to current understanding, skills, and values of teaching and learning in higher education. We also delivered a mini-session teaching activity and gained constructive feedback from fellow peers. 

16th July 2018:

EdD Summer School

The summer school was a series of research methods workshops

Doctoral Research Forum

13th November 2018:

Title: How Omani teachers perceive the integration of the process of the 21st century competencies and skills in the EFL curriculum

Presenter: Atoom Alkhatri

16th March 2018:

Challenges to teachers evaluation at Saudi universities and suggestions for solutions: a perspective of English language teachers

Presenter: Khadija Alamoudi

Research Day

21st May 2019:

Panel member on the TESOL Research Day at the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter

I was a member of a panel during the TESOL research day where TESOL students presented their research proposals and received constructive feedback and criticism from the panel composed of a staff member and two doctoral students.

Professional Meetings

3rd July 2019:

Education incubator Cafe 2019

I presented a project entiled 'using student developed media-rich content to produce inclusive learning materials for teaching research methods. I collaborated with GSE staff member Helen Knowler and other interdisciplinary students. The project has been funded by the GSE and the education incubator cafe. 

Lecture Seminar

16th January 2020:

University of Bath, Department of Education: The effects of coloniality on our collective psyche: how postcolonial Nigerian education system struggles to deal with an alternative knowledge system

I attended this lecture seminar presented by Dr. Hadiza Abdulrahman where she presented her PhD work which problematised the representation and discourses of Almajiranci practices in Northen Nigeria using a postcolonial lens. The talk was held at the University of Bath

16th October 2019:

Decolonizing methodologies: 20 years on: The Sociological Review Annual Lecture, Goldsmiths University London

I attended a lecture seminar on decolonizing methodologies presented by one of the leading scholars on decolonisation: Linda Tuhiwai Smith