Rick Harmes


Telephone: 07949 248660 

My background is in language teaching and public sector management. In my first career, I taught school and college students and adult learners in UK and Germany. After that I worked in English local government managing various aspects of education and children's services. I am now pursuing a 'third age' career in research and university teaching in a discipline that has always held a strong interest for me. In 2010 I completed a MRes in Politics at Exeter University. My special focus was on public administration and local governance in the UK. My PhD research is also about local governance. I am particularly interested in how this level of governance is influenced and shaped from below by citizens and communities, and and from above by global factors. I am now based full-time in Exeter. In September 2014, I represented Exeter on BBC's 'University Challenge'. Since January 2016, in addition to studying for my PhD, I have been an Associate Research Fellow in the Politics Department working on the ESC-funded Structure & Organisation of British Government Project (SOG-PRO)