Rick Harmes

Graduate School Skills Workshops

2nd February 2017:

Preparing for your Viva

18th May 2016:

Multi-level modelling/analysis

8th December 2015:

Concepts in Social Sciences

24th June 2015:

Parliamentary Outreach Service

Engaging with Parliament: Where do I start?

22nd February 2015:

British Library

Social Sciences Open Day for Postgraduate Students

11th December 2013:

Research Strategy: Linking to Disciplinary, Institutional and Broader Contexts and Aims

14th November 2013:

Presentation Skills - Putting it into Practice


June 2013:

Internationalisation: What this Means for your Research

May 2012:

Making the Most of Conferences

November 2011:

Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) - Stage 2

June 2011:

Efficient Reading in Research

June 2011:

Tackling a Literature Review

May 2011:

Is Research Value-Neutral? Exploring Ethical Frameworks and Research Methodologies for Sustainability-Related Research

May 2011:

Exploring Theory

March 2011:

Introduction to Endnote Referencing Software

February 2011:

Researching on-line

September 2010:

Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) - Stage 1



March 2018:

Politics of Our Times: Asking the Difficult Questions (68th PSA Annual Conference in Cardiff)

Presented a paper entitled 'Politicians' Organisational Tools of Government: Reshaping UK Government Departments' (together with Clare Maudling) on behalf of Exeter University's ESRC-funded research project on the structure and organisation of UK government (1980-2013)  

31st March 2015:

Civic Pride

65th annual international conference of the Political Studies Association (PSA) in Sheffield

Presented a paper entitled 'Community Energy in Question: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally' to a panel organised by the Environmerntal Politics specialist group 

Chaired a panel session on Democratic Deliberation on 1st April


Research Assistant

Structure and Organisation of British Government - ESRC-funded research project led by Professor Oliver James, Exeter University. Research and data entry work on Whitehall Permanent Secretaries, Summer and Autumn 2015


May 2014:

Sub-National Government and Paths to Sustainable Energy

Organised by Cardiff University School of Planning and Geography. Attended as guest

July 2012:

Reshaping Power, Shifting Boundaries

22nd World Congress of Political Science, Madrid

Presented a paper on 'Localism and Strategy: A New Multi-level Governance for England's Counties?' at panel RC05.109 (Re-shaping Territorial Polities: Role and Functions of Local Government in a Multi-level Governance Scenario) on Weds 11 July

September 2011:

Public Service - Smaller Government

Public Administration Committee Annual Conference, Birmingham University

Presented a paper on 'Localism, Strategy and the New Unitary Governance of England's Counties'

May 2011:

Sources of Tension and Cohesion

College of Social Sciences and International Studies Postgraduate Conference, Exeter University

April 2011:

Transforming Politics: New Synergies

Political Studies Association Annual Conference, London

Summer School

June 2013:

ECPR Environmental Politics and Policy Summer School, Keele University

Presented a paper on: 'Place, Governance and Sustainability: Localism and Green Energy in the UK'