Richard Alexander Carter


27th November 2015:

Kinesis and Stasis

An exhibition held at The Barbican Centre, London, exploring the performative intersection of art, technology, and creativity in furthering academic practice. Exhibited a series of canvases meditating on the culturally contingent assumptions built into the functional structures of digital systems.

18th June 2015:

Blue Skies Above, Solid Ground Below: Innovation and Sustainability in Digital Humanities

Presented a poster display at the first early career researcher conference in Digital Arts and Humanities at King's College London. Poster display was entitled 'Defining the Digital Arts: A Case Study in Digital Literature'.

9th June 2015:

A Workshop Examining Disciplinary Connections and Networking Opportunities in the Humanities

Presented an exposition of the challenges of conducting interdisciplinary research (Digital Humanities) and participated in the concluding workshop discussion concerning how this research can be facilitated best at the University of Exeter.

27th May 2015:

Entanglements and Interventions: Exploring the Digital World through Art

Presented a solo art exhibition and introductory talk: discussing the role of artistic practices in revealing the structures and processes shaping the contemporary digital environment.

12th December 2014:

Transforming Digital Methods

Presented a paper as part of the Transforming Digital Methods Winter School of which I was Project Manager. The paper was entitled "Defining the Digital Arts: A Case Study In Digital Literature."

5th September 2014:

Green Connections: Environmental Response & the Arts

Delivered a paper entitled 'God’s Eye View: The Digital Earth From Orbit', exploring the iconography of the 'Whole Earth' for the modern environmental movement.

14th August 2014:


Delivered a paper at the tenth IAWIS triennial conference 'Riddles of Form: Exploration and Discovery in Word and Image', entitled 'Performative Textualities: Exploring the Ontology Of Digital Literature'.

24th July 2014:

Cosmographies Conference

Delivered a paper entitled 'Data Space: Discovering the Digital Cosmos', as part of a two day conference dedicated to exploring representations of ‘outer-space’ across culture and society, with the key goal of establishing new ways of investigating the significance of this domain for understanding the dynamics of our contemporary environment.

21st May 2014:

Technology Showcase

Event held by Exeter's College of Humanities to showcase technologies that can be of benefit to Humanities scholars. Demonstrated DOSBox PC emulation software for the study of old software artefacts.

28th April 2014:

Exeter Humanities PGR Conference 2014

A two day conference bringing together research students from across the College of Humanities so that they can present and discuss their research. Delivered a paper entitled 'Genesis Rethought: Digital Aesthesis and the Performative Universe', summing up the current state of my research in the area of generative digital literatures.

5th December 2013:

Science Culture Futures

A symposium held by the University of Exeter to draw together its various researchers working in the field of Science, Technology and Culture. The goal of this symposium was to address how best to contribute to future intellectual and methodological agendas in the humanities, and the social and natural sciences. Delivered a presentation on how digital literary research can provide a pathway towards considering the future of critical practice and the scholarly essay.

14th May 2013:

Contagion: Social Media, Reality Mining and New Species of Contagion

Second of a three part workshop tackling current and historical efforts to theorise, model and manage the challenges presented by the concept of 'contagion'. This workshop explored questions concerning how social media and ubiquitous computing are changing the coordinates and spaces of contagion, evalatuing various methdological frameworks that harness these technologies in order to effectively 'mine' reality, and  considering also the many novel and emergent responses to current social networks to information.

1st May 2013:

Exeter Humanities PGR Conference 2013

A two day conference bringing together research students from across the College of Humanities so that they can present and discuss their research. Delivered a paper entitled 'The Material Universe and the Technological World: Exploring the Ontology of Digital Literature', summing up the current state of my research in this area.

25th April 2013:

Creative Futures: English and Creative Writing Alumni Symposium

An evening event for second and third year English undergraduates of Falmouth University, featuring alumni who would speak to them about their experiences after graduation. Provided a talk about key aspects pertaining towards PhD study.

23rd April 2013:

Mechanism and Causation

A two day workshop focusing on a key issue in contemporary philosophy of science with regard to the ontological status of 'mechanism' and its relationship to theories of causation.

19th March 2013:

The Logic of Games Structure: An Interdisciplinary Multi-logue

An interdisciplinary workshop exploring the operational logics and effective potential of games structures as an organisational principle shaping myriad different natural, cultural and technological phenomena.

6th March 2013:

Varieties of Posthumanism: Policy as Practice and Performance

An interdisciplinary workshop attended by various representatives from the social sciences, humanities and government science policy in order to discuss different perspectives on the notion of the 'posthuman', with the particular goal of generating a cross-disciplinary dialogue pertaining to the key elements of post-humanism as an ontological category and as tool for reframing policy debates.

28th October 2010:

New Ontologies: An International Interdisciplinary Workshop

A two day conference supported by the Gulbenkian Foundation and lead by the sociologist of science Andrew Pickering, exploring different spaces of possibility for the development of new critical practices in-response to the contemporary intersections between natural, cultural and technological phenomena.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

March 2013:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Stage Two (Humanities)

A more in-depth examination of the key areas pertaining to learning and teaching in Higher Education, with a particular focus upon student support strategies, assessment techniques and evaluation principles. Conducted over the space of six, two hour sessions, the course will conclude with a formal written assignment that enables the candidate to claim Associate status with the HEA.

January 2013:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Stage One (Humanities)

First of a three-stage programme designed to help participants think about the demands of learning and teaching in higher educationas they relate towards their particular role in the university and the subject area they specialise in. The core emphasis is upon drawing connections between different personal experiences and various formal learning and teaching theories that have been developed in previous years.