Dr. Richard Stones

Department: Honorary Research Fellow - Geography
Discipline: Geography
Research Centre/Unit: CLES

Project Summary

As a Honorary Research Fellow I will be progressing my innovative and agenda setting research work in CSR and sustainable development. This engages with the CLES, Environment & Sustainability Group’s aim ‘…to undertake interdisciplinary research on frontier issues of environment and sustainability…’ and contributes to their themes of ecosystem services and sustainable consumption. My on-going research builds from the work of my PhD, advancing a new paradigm of CSR, which is developing a contemporary and more robust process of socio-ecological responsibility and sustainable development. It engages inter- and cross-disciplinary issues, most notably with economic and environmental geographies and business management, and it engages both academics and practitioners to advance new processes of resilience, within both the natural and built environments.

Supervisory Team

Not Applicable

Authored Publications/Reports

Stones, R. (1st November 2014) Out Of The Shadows: Corporate Environmental Responsibility, Geographical Magazine, Vol 86 (11), 76

Stones, R. (1st January 2018) Stones, R. (2017/2018). CSR is Dead; Long-Live CSR: Arguing that a contemporary paradigm of CSR in natural resource management can evolve, where the process of socio-ecological responsibility shifts to a process of socio-ecological resilience., TBC - Working Paper

Stones, R (1st December 2015) Land, Stewardship, And Legitimacy: Endangered Species Policy in Canada and the United States by Andrea Olive reviewed in, Environmental Values

Woodley, E., Barr, S., Jones, R., Stones, R., Taylor, L. 2015. () Developing Transformative Learning between Further and Higher Education: exploring geographical debates along the Jurassic Coast. , University of Exeter – internal publication.