Dr. Richard Stones


28th August 2018:


MMV9 – Co-Chair and Presenter – Bordeaux, France.
Marine protected areas – new requirements for visitor management [in coastal tourism]?

19th June 2017:

ISSRM. Umeo, Sweden.

IASNR. ISSRM - International Symposium on Society and Resource Management 2017. Session Co-Chair & Present Paper – Umeå, Sweden.

‘Managing ‘Fair’ Access (And Protection) In National Parks Through A New Lens Of ‘R’ - Which No Longer Represents Responsibility!’ Conference Session: “Can I walk here?” – Accessing National Parks, Inequality in Action! Examples from the Nordic Countries and Around the World.

2nd September 2015:

RGS Annual International Conference

Co-Chair: At a crossroads or new strategies? - The role of protected areas in the Anthropocene.

Paper: ‘From Responsibility to Resilience: Moving Away From ‘Human Emotion Management’’


8th September 2014:


Co-chairing Session: Tourism and Recreation Drives Rural Economies Whilst Also Driving Rural Conservation.

Paper: ’Walking The Walk Of Sustainable Tourism, Rather Than Talking The Talk; Discourses Of Sustainable Tourism In Iceland.’




20th August 2014:


Co-chairing Session: Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas.

Paper: ‘Tourism and Recreation Drives Nature Conservation Whilst Also Benefitting Local Communities.’

13th June 2013:

NGM 2013

Presented Paper at Nordic Geographers Meeting 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Paper: ‘Corporate Development In Natural & Protected Areas: The Role And Place Of Tourism Development In Natural Or Wild Areas.’

8th May 2012:

RGS South West

Presented RGS South West Annual Lecture.

Paper: The Geography of Tourism in Yosemite.

Research Funding

8th April 2014:


Obtained research grant fund to present my work in Sweden at PECSRL 2014.

1st April 2013:


Obtained research grant fund to present my work in Iceland at NGM 2013.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

7th April 2014:


Attended the Creative Writing in Academia Workshop

1st November 2010:


LTHE, learning and teaching in higher education training. This is a module that all PhD's who wish to lecture at the University of Exeter are required to take.

Associate Fellow HE Academy

1st July 2015:


Obtained associate fellowship of HE Academy