Roberto Baldoli

Summer School

July 2014:

European Integration Summer School

I attended the following courses:

ST-419 History, institutions and policies of European integration
ST-420 Current issues in the European Union
ST-421 Current debates on the European Union

22nd July 2013:

Doing Discourse Analysis: Politics, Subjectivity, and Policy

I attended the course entitled "Doing Discourse Analysis: Politics, Subjectivity, and Policy" at the Essex Summer School in Social Science and Data Analysis from the 22 of July to the 2 of August.

28th June 2013:

ASMI Post-Graduate Summer School

I presented a paper entitled: "Nonviolence: Post-Secularism in Action?".

July 2011:

Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis

Modules: Qualitative Research Methods; Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis 

Online Course

18th February 2013:

ICNC/Rutgers-Newark Online Course on Civil Resistance

I attended the online course (18th February - 5th April), organised by the ICNC (International Center on Nonviolent Conflict), on "Civil Resistance and the Dynamics of Nonviolent Conflict". It provided an in-depth and multidisciplinary perspective on civilian-based movements and campaigns that defend and obtain basic rights and justice around the world with the use of nonviolent tactics and strategies.


9th February 2014:

Foley: Nonviolence or Barbarity

29th October 2012:

Give ‘Another Realism’ a Chance!


7th June 2016:

Conference Two Centuries of Peacemaking

I presented a paper titled: 'Reconsidering Nonviolence: a Revolutionary Ideology for Freedom and Plurality'.

13th September 2014:

XXVIII SISP Conference

I will present a paper entitled: "The Assisi Presumption": la Nonviolenza come Rinascita di Religione e Democrazia

7th April 2014:

Dibattito sulla Nonviolenza e Pratica Politica

I took part in the presentation of the book by Ramin Jahanbegloo Introduction to Nonviolence organised by Radio Radicale. Jahanbegloo, Raoul Chiesa, Marco Cappato, Lorenzo Rendi, and Claudio Radaelli participated in the debate.

The video is available here:

12th July 2013:

Popular Sovereignty Project - third Workshop

25th January 2013:

Realism Workhop for Graduate Student - University of Edinburgh

I presented a paper entitled: "The Tradition of Nonviolent Realism"

23rd November 2012:

Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy (ASMI)

The conference is titled: "'BASTA! Patterns of Protest in Modern Italy: History, Agents and Representation" (University of London).

I presented a paper entitled "From Protest to Project: Learning Lessons From The Italian Peace March of 1961".

6th July 2012:

Popular Sovereignty Project - First workshop

I attended the first of the three workshops on Popular Sovereignty at the Centre for the Study of the History of Political Thought  (Queen Mary, University of London). The aim of the project is to trace the complex career of popular sovereignty across ancient and modern history.