Rob Valkass

Department: Physics
Discipline: Physics and Astronomy
Research Centre/Unit: Eletromagnetic and Acoustic Materials

Project Summary

My PhD project focuses on imaging magnetisation dynamics on picosecond time scales and nanometre length scales. The main aim of the project is to characterise the sub-nanosecond magnetisation dynamics of hard disk write heads using two experimental techniques: time-resolved Kerr microscopy and x-ray photoemission electron microscopy.

Supervisory Team

My supervisor is Professor Robert J. Hicken.

Authored Publications/Reports

R. A. J. Valkass, W. Yu, L. R. Shelford, P. S. Keatley, T. H. J. Loughran, R. J. Hicken, S. A. Cavill, G. van der Laan, S. S. Dhesi, M. A. Bashir, M. A. Gubbins, P. J. Czoschke and R. Lopusnik (10th June 2015) Imaging the equilibrium state and magnetization dynamics of partially built hard disk write heads, Applied Physics Letters, 106, 232404