Robin Oberg

25th November 2017 to 31st December 2017

BEE3052 - Development Economics

Module description


An advanced course in development economics should provide a thorough exposition of concepts, policy issues and controversies on the causes and characteristics of the wealth and poverty of nations. These series of lectures, without being exhaustive, will draw on classic themes in the subject and will cover recent developments in the literature. It will emphasise the importance of political economy factors, missing and incomplete markets in developing countries and the systemic effects this has on the process of economic development.
After an introductory part on concept and theories of underdevelopment, the course will focus on distribution and poverty, on human resources (health, education and population) and on the characteristics of agricultural markets (Labour, land and credit). It will finish by tackling macroeconomic issues in development finance: savings, FDI and aid, as well the problem of external debt.

Additional Information:

This is a very theoretical module that is internationally relevant, because it deals with development economics mainly in developing countries using examples from various counties.

Students have the opportunity to develop their writing and logical thinking skills.

All of the resource materials are available through the ELE (Exeter Learning Environment).