Rochishnu Dutta


Telephone: +919480674867 

College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Biosciences
Department: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Ecology and Conservation

After studying zoology (BSc Honours) and forestry (MSc), I chose evolutionary biology as my field of research in pursuit of a career in academia. Speciation remains one of the less understood and most important areas of evolutionary biology. My PhD examines potential reproductive isolation between populations of the bushcricket Mecopoda elongata and attempt to gain insights into how this reproductive isolation evolved and is maintained. The project takes a primarily behavioural approach to examining reproductive isolation by mate choice complemented with other approaches to establish divergence among Mecopoda song types. However, during the course of my research, I have learnt a variety of techniques to test my research hypothesis and have undertaken laboratory based work as well as field based studies. This has lead to my belief in multidisciplinary approach that leads to a more precise understanding of the research problems.