Salem Osseiran


College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Strategy and Security Institute
Department: Strategy and Security Institute

I am a third year MPhil/PhD candidate at the Strategy and Security Institute (SSI) of the University of Exeter.

The working title of my research thesis is: “Strategic Communication and Big Data: Epistemology, Organisation, & Practice”. This research will examine the use of large data-sets, computational techniques, and predictive analytics by strategic communication professionals, with a view to understanding how the introduction of Big Data - understood as a tool of social scientific knowledge production - has reshaped the research infrastructure that underpins the practice of strategic communication in terms of epistemological approaches and organisational structures. This empirical investigation of the reshaping effect will enable a more nuanced discussion of the implications on the practice writ large. My thesis is supervised by Professor Patrick Porter.

I hold a Masters of Science in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh, a Masters of Arts in War Studies from Kings College London, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon.

I have worked in Belgium, the UK, and Lebanon as a security analyst, communication strategist, and an NGO community engagement manager.

Areas of Interest

  • Strategic Communication
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Power Dynamics within a Networked Environment
  • Strategy and Theories of Change
  • Middle East Security
  • National Security Strategies of Small States