Sarah Salem S. Alqahtani



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: School of Education
Research Centre/Unit: Graduate School of Education

I am Sarah Alqahtani, I am a postgraduate research student at the school of Education at the University of Exeter. I got my Bachelor degree in Education majoring Special education (learning difficulties) from King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Then, I worked as learning difficulties teacher for one year in mainstream school which gave me a lot of experiences in teaching learning difficulties students. In September 2010, I joined the Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia for the master’s degree in Special education. In December 2012, Upon the completion of my master’s degree, I headed back to my home country and joined my colleagues in my workplace as lecturer at the Princess Nora University (PNU).

Now, I am doing my EDD (doctor of education- Special education) at the school of Education at the University of Exeter in pre-these stage. My research interests relate to learning difficulties, I am particularly interested in understanding parental and environmental factors that affect the education of children with learning difficulties. I am currently developing my EDD proposal which concerns parents’ participation in the education of children with learning difficulties in Saudi Arabia. 

Also, in general, I am interested in research areas related to learning difficulties and collaboration in teaching learning difficulties students; collaborate with families, other educators, related service providers, and personnel from community agencies in culturally responsive ways. I am also interested in research areas related to improving reflective consultation between administrators, practitioners, and families as it is a viable means of improving services provided by special education teachers.