Sharon Frazer



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Sharon Frazer-Carroll is a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority & Senior Lecturer in Counselling and Applied Psychology at the Open University.  She has over 30 years’ experience in psychological therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy, medical hypnotherapy and psychodynamic counselling. 

She currently practises both from her private practice and a Charity in North London.  Sharon has specific interest in Transgenerational Trauma and in 2018 founded the organisation Time to Talk Black which provides alternative low-cost opportunities for the community to share experiences which support psychological wellbeing.

Sharon is also an occupational psychologist and a recognised expert in vocational education.  Working nationally and internationally she has successfully delivered on over 200 government funded projects - developing competence-based qualification frameworks in an array of contexts, ranging from frameworks for teaching in Macedonia, to oil refinery in Texas and health and social care in the UK.  The UK’s assessor and verifier awards which must be held by all trainers on government funded projects were developed by her in 2010 when they became a statutory requirement.

Directing her expertise in occupational analysis to the field of psychotherapy, Sharon is now undertaking research looking at the extent to which race is incorporated in the training of therapists.  Undertaking doctoral research at Exeter University, her aim is to develop nationally agreed competences which help promote existing race related programmes and support the coverage of race as a core aspect of therapist’s professional formation.