Dr Shaun A. Mudd

Teaching Qualifications

March 2013:

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

October 2012:

Accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

November 2011:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) - Stage 2

September 2011:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) - Stage 1


April 2017:

Classical Association, Annual Conference 2017 (Open University hosted by the University of Kent); Panel: ‘The Ancient Bars in Context: Life at the Commercial Frontier’

Paper: '“Behaviour that Would Disgrace a Labourer”: The Urban Tavern in Literature and Elite Roman Thought'

23rd April 2016:

‘Drinking Spaces and Places’ Conference (University of Bristol)

Paper: ‘“If I want to drink, I go home!”: The Public Sobriety and Private Tippling of Ancient Rome’s Aristocrats’

1st December 2015:

Research seminar series at the Department of Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, University of Liverpool

Paper: '"It is hard to say whether wine does good to more people or harms them": Drinking Advice from the Ancient Physicians'

2nd July 2015:

Technologies of Daily Life in Ancient Greece (Swansea University)

Paper: ‘Foreign waters: Antiquity’s Travellers and their Pursuit of Safer Drinks’

7th June 2015:

Drinking Studies Network Conference, ‘New Directions in Drinking Studies’ (University of Leicester)

Paper: ‘The Roman Tavern: Haven of Lower-Class Immorality?’

6th December 2013:

Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient Word (AMPRAW), Third Annual Conference (University of Exeter); Panel ‘Caesar, Tyrants and the Late Republic’

Paper presented: ‘From Reclined Aristocrats to Rowdy Plebs: Roman Drunks in Modern Popular Culture’

5th July 2013:

‘Symposium: Classics and Ancient History beyond the Department’ (University of Exeter)

Paper presented: ‘Eating, Drinking and Classics’

3rd April 2013:

Classical Association, Annual Conference 2013 (University of Reading); Panel: ‘(Im)morality’

Paper presented: 'Drinking for Health and Wellbeing in the Roman Empire'

9th February 2013:

Warwick Drinking Studies Network Conference, ‘Biographies of Drink’ (University of Warwick); Panel: ‘Spatial Contexts and Material Culture’

Paper presented: ‘Trier Black-Slipped Wares and Constructive Drinking in Roman Britain’

22nd September 2012:

‘Imperialism and Identities at the Edges of the Roman World’ (Petnica Science Center, Serbia)

Paper presented: ‘Trier Black-Slipped Wares and Constructive Drinking in Roman Britain’

9th September 2012:

The Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient Literature, ‘Bodily Functions: The Corpus and Corpora in Ancient Literature’ (Ioannou Centre for Research in Classical and Byzantine Studies, University of Oxford); Panel: ‘Doctor, Doctor! Medicine and

Paper presented: ‘Drinking for Health and Wellbeing in the Roman Empire’

25th May 2012:

‘Images of Research Competition 2012’ (University of Exeter)

Poster presented: ‘Constructive Drinking: The Roman Empire & Modern Day Britain’

12th April 2012:

Classical Association, 2012 Annual Conference (University of Exeter); Panel: 'Drinking in the Ancient World'

Paper presented: 'Alcohol and Environment in Roman Culture'

23rd September 2011:

Warwick Drinking Studies Network, Second Annual Symposium: 'Drink and the Life Cycle' (University of Warwick)

Paper presented: 'Age and Alcohol in Ancient Rome'
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28th August 2011:

L'Institut Européen d'Histoire et des Cultures de l'Alimentation and François-Rabelais University, Ninth Annual Summer School: 'Wine: Economy and Social Norms' (Tours, France)

Eight day summer school (6 ECTS credits)
Paper Presented: 'Constructive and Destructive Drinking in the Ancient World: Spatial and Temporal Patterns in the Drinking of the Roman Elite'