Shreya Gupta

Department: History
Discipline: History

Project Summary

This project looks at the history of four collections of Indian coins currently held in the Ashmolean Museum, the British Museum and the Fitzwilliam Museum. While they are named after four British male coin collectors – Jose Gerson da Cunha, H. Nelson Wright, Alfred Master and R. B. Whitehead, we know little about the Indian scholars who helped them in assembling these collections. This project aims to uncover the role of Indian scholars and collectors in creating these coin collections and in producing expert knowledge about the Indian past on their basis.

Supervisory Team

I am supervised by Professor Nandini Chatterjee and Professor Nicola Thomas  from the University of Exeter and Dr Shailendra Bhandare from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

Wider Research Interests

Decolonisation, Numismatics, Histories of Collecting, Material Culture Studies