Shreya Gupta


31st March 2023:

Imperial Lives. Biographic Approaches as Decolonial Practice, Digital Conference

Colonial Coin Collecting Networks: Unearthing Indian Voices Through Imperial Archives

24th February 2023:

Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Consortium, History of Collecting and Institutions Group, ‘Not a Conference’

Webs of Coin Collecting: Using Onodo for Network Visualisation

21st February 2023:

Royal Numismatic Society, Early Career Lecture

Late Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Century Coin Collecting in Northwest India: Racialised and Classed Participation in R B Whitehead’s Collecting Networks

14th December 2022:

Postgraduate Research Symposium: Centre for Global and Imperial History, University of Exeter

Collecting Coins in Colonial Bombay: Networks of European and Indian Collectors at the Royal Asiatic Society

3rd December 2022:

Annual 8th Alllchin Symposium on South Asian Archaeology

Punjab, “an ideal hunting ground for the coin collector”: Collecting coins in colonial India

1st October 2022:

Futures Festival Pop-up lunchtime talks, Maketank gallery, Exeter

Rediscovering Indian Coins

22nd September 2022:

Collaborative Doctorial Partnership, Research Sharing event at the British Museum

Decolonizing Collections: Investigating Knowledge Formation Networks in Colonial India with specific reference to Numismatics                                                                                                        

1st June 2022:

Art History & Visual Culture Common Place conference at the University of Exeter

Digging Deep: The Role of Indian Dealers in the Formation of Coin Collections in Colonial India

20th May 2022:

Ex-Historia Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Exeter

Decolonising Museum Collections: Insights from Coin Collecting in Colonial India

6th March 2022:

Centre for Imperial and Global History Research Seminars, University of Exeter, Spring 2022

Decolonizing Collections: Investigating Knowledge Formation Networks in Colonial India with specific reference to Numismatics

19th January 2022:

Museums and Galleries History Group PGR/ECR Study Day: Sources and Approaches in Museum History at Royal Botanic gardens, Kew

Coin Collecting in Colonial India: Finding Indian Voices in Whitehead’s Collecting Network