Shutian Huang


Telephone: 07774883435 

College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Geography
Department: Geography
Research Centre/Unit: Amory

I did my LLB law degree at Glamorgan University, and subsequently passed the Legal Practice Course there. I also held a Master of Law degree at Bristol University. In 2009, Peking University in China bestowed on me a MPhil in Chinese Philosophy following I acquired the championship in a national competition on Chinese Studies held by China Central Television. With a series of multidisciplinary studies, I finally turned my attention to my current research project, namely, the evolution of the increasing uneven regional socioeconomic development in Jiangsu province in China before and during the post-financial crisis era. It is rather interesting yet challenging an object for academic research since the regional development in Jiangsu arguably delineates a sample picture as to how the traditional struggles with the modern, how the domestic interacts with the global, how the local and regional scales coordinate and conflict with the central, and how all these institutions, forces and actors interconnect and co-evolve in a dynamic, relational, and reflexive fashion within a specified spatiotemporal fix under the so-called ‘China Model’, and, in consequence, how the co-evolution of these factors eventually brings about a relative structural coherence by externalising the costs of securing this coherence, which in turn, from my perspective, is decisively initiating, shaping, and sustaining the regional uneven development in Jiangsu province.