Simon Young


Telephone: 00 33 (0)4 68 22 32 35 

After leaving school on the seventies, I worked for many years in IT, involved in such fields as communications and operating systems, but, in the late nineties, moved into business analysis. In 2003, while I was working for an investment management company in the City, I was hit by a car while I was cycling to the railway station. This resulted in my back being broken. Because of the pain I had and have when sitting or standing for any length of time, I had to leave work. Having no job, we moved to France for our health (my wife have problems with her breathing in wet climates) and so that we could afford somewhere to live.

I did very little for a year or so, until I started a BA in philosophy at the University of London. The subject I should read was never really in question, as I have always been interested in the philosophy and, for me, it is the most important of all subjects; the justification for all other studies coming from philosophy. Having completed my BA, I have now embarked on research, which, thanks largely to my supervisor, Professor Moss, is even more exciting and stimulating than I could have hoped for - I feel like a (greedy) child in a sweet factory.