Sophie Shaw. BSc (Hons), AHEA

Graduate School Skills Workshops

March 2014:

Applying for Postdoctoral Funding

Workshop covering how to find out what post doctoral funding is available and the key points that should be made in a grant application. 

12th December 2013:

Preparing for your viva

Brief workshop detailing the ins and outs for the viva voce examination and the best way to prepare for this. 

31st October 2013:

How to Plan and Write Your Thesis

Short workshop detailing the key points in the most effective ways to both plan and write your thesis. 

23rd October 2013:

Commerical Awareness (webinar)

Webinar covering details of what commercial awareness is and how to research this for companies during the job application process. 

22nd October 2013:

Career Planning for PGRs

Brief workshop detailing the steps needed in career planning both within and outside of academia. 

September 2012:

RNA Seq Workshop

Four sessions covering basics in RNA sequencing data using a Linux platform. Tasks including remapping reads to a reference genome, differential expression analysis, visualisation, clustering and plotting of results using R, and identification of introns and splice variants.

June 2012:

Phylogenetics Workshop

Two sessions covering the steps required to construct phylogenetic trees using protein sequences. Introduction to software including ClustalW, GBlocks, ModelGenerator, PhyML and TreeDyn.

May 2012:

Short Read Genomics Workshop

Six sessions covering basics in short read genomics using a Linux platform. Tasks including remapping to a reference genome, identifying SNPs and INDELs, assembly of unmapped reads, de novo genome assembly, and comparison of SNPs and pfam domains from various strains. 

March 2012:

Programming Workshop - Introduction to Unix and Perl

Workshop teaching basic programming skills in Unix and Perl. This was all carried out via the Amazon EC2 virtual workspace.

17th November 2011:

Publishing Your Research in Journals

Session covering the entire publication process from choosing a journal, to structuring the paper, to the submission process.

20th June 2011:

Introduction to Electronic Journals

Basic introduction to accessing electronic journals online.

26th May 2011:

Efficient Reading

Short session covering skills to improve speed of reading, note taking and information retention.

February 2011:

Advanced SPSS

Four sessions which covered various statistical concepts including frequency analysis and regression, with a demonstration on how to implicate these techniques using SPSS.

28th January 2011:

Making the Most of Your Supervisor

A workshop with information on how to manage your relationship with your supervisor and how to make the most out of their guidance on your research.

18th January 2011:

Generic Introduction to SPSS

An afternoon course covering the basics of statistics, data input into SPSS and graphical representation of this data.

10th December 2010:

Introduction to Endnote

An overview of the uses of the referencing software Endnote.

2nd December 2010:

Avoiding PhD Pitfalls - A Guide to Academic Honesty

A short session covering academic honesty and plagiarism at a postgraduate level.

11th November 2010:

Researching Online: Getting The Most From Science Resources

Interactive session that covered effective search techniques, databases and ways to keep up-to-date with publications.

29th October 2010:

Tackling a PhD Literature Review

This session covered the basics for producing a successful literature review, from planning, reading and note taking to the final write up. The use of a light-hearted example was used throughout to demonstrate the ideas.

7th October 2010:

SmartStart PhD Induction

A one day session covering many aspects of a PhD including time management, effective planning, thesis writing and networking.


January 2014:

Workshop on Genomics 2014 Cesky Krumlov

Instructor for the 2014 Workshop on Genomics held in Cesky Krumlov. This role entailed travelling out to the workshop five days early to prepare and test workshop materials. Followed by two weeks of assisting in genomics laboratories covering various topics including Unix, short read genomics, assembly methods, RAD sequencing, transcriptomics, metagenomics and Python scripting. 


March 2013:

British Yeast Group Meeting - Nottingham 2013

Poster presentation describing the computational analysis of allelic expression imbalance under different growth conditions.

April 2012:

11th ASM Conference on Candida and Candidiasis - San Francisco 2012

Poster presentation summarising the effect of differential allele expression on the phenotypic characteristics of the VPS1 gene. Travel grant awarded by the BSMM to enable me to attend this conference.

September 2011:

British Mycological Society Annual Scientific Meeting - Exeter 2011

Poster presentation summarising the effect of differential allele expression on the phenotypic characteristics of the VPS1 gene.

18th May 2011:

Southwest UK RNA Club Annual Meeting - Exeter 2011

A short presentation of RNA-sequencing data, the subsequent bioinformatic analysis of this and the initial findings of phenotypic analysis of heterozygous knockout mutants.

April 2011:

British Society for Medical Mycology Annual Scientifc Meeting - Glasgow 2011

Presentation of poster summarising the findings from bioinformatic analysis of RNA-sequencing data.


14th October 2010:

Basic Fire Safety

6th October 2010:

Biosciences Health and Safety

Professional Meetings

7th June 2013:

Exeter Sequencing Service Day

25 minute presentation detailing my research, specifically the bioinformatic analysis of allelic expression imbalance.

Externally Provided Workshop

14th November 2013:

Software Carpentry Workshop

Two day workshop held by Software Carpentry. Topics covered included Python - basics, regular expression and unit testing, R, and version control using Git.