Stephen Jenkin

Department: Classics and Ancient History
Discipline: Classics and Ancient History

Project Summary

The rulers of Archaic Greece, variously known as monarchs, tyrants and kings, were, according to later literature, rather colourful characters to say the very least. But, for all their colour their time saw the greatest development and scale in building projects, temples in particular, and the introduction of coinage throughout Greece. How did these rulers use coinage, and was its use connected to temple-building? How did they use religion within their regimes? What were the significance and purpose of the state treasuries at panhellenic sanctuaries such as Delphi and Olympia? There will be many questions before we have a better understanding of the interplay between wealth, religion and rule of the archaic rulers.

Supervisory Team

Primary Supervisor: Dr Lynette Mitchell

Secondary Supervisor: Prof Richard Seaford