Suaad Alnaabi

Department: Special Needs and Inclusive Education
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: -

Project Summary


Teachers’ views, beliefs and attitudes play an integral role in teaching and thus learning second and foreign languages (Burns, 1992; Xu, 2012). With regard to teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) or as a Foreign Language (EFL), teachers’ views about different areas in language teaching have been widely researched. However, when we talk about teaching ESL/ EFL to Visually Impaired learners, the case is different. Only few research papers have investigated ESL/ EFL teachers’ views about teaching VI learners (Bacha, 2007; Guinan, 1997 ).  Thus, this research project aims at exploring the  perceptions of EFL mainstream teachers about teaching Visually Impaired EFL learners.

Supervisory Team

My first supervisor is Dr. Chris Boyle, a member staff at the department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education at the School of Education.

Wider Research Interests

My research interests cover both area of teaching English as a Foreign language and teaching children with Visual Impairment. I have special interest in researching reading in EFL classes as well as material design for both sighted learners and VI learners.