Suaad Alnaabi

Graduate School Skills Workshops

14th September 2016:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Workshop

In this session, I learned a number of concepts related to teaching in the setting of Higher Education. I learned about the requirements for teaching in HE institutions in the UK. In addition, I obtained some teaching strategies which can be useful in teaching in HE. This one day workshop was a very interactive one. It allowed the participants to practise and reflect on  a number of teaching strategies in their field of interest. 

4th May 2016:

The Engaged Researcher

In this session, concepts such as engaged researchers and Impact agenda were discussed. the attendees participated actively by sharing their views and experience of engaged research.

7th March 2016:

Using Visual Research Methods

This session introduced a number of strategies of using Visual methods in research.

24th February 2016:

Introduction to SPSS

This workshop introduced the use of SPSS in social sciences. It included both  theoritical and practical parts.

18th February 2016:

Time and Stress Management

In this interactive session,, the participants were helped to understand how their time is wasted and how they can better use it effectively. In addition, they were provided with a number of techniques through which they can overcome stress.

3rd February 2016:

Efficient Reading and Developing toy Literature Review

This workshop introduced the different types of resources used in writing literature review. Various strategies were also suggested with which to proceed in writing literature at a PHD level.

8th December 2015:

Qualitative Interviewing

In this session, some strategies were proposed to be used by researchers who wish to work with qualitative interviews.In addition, suggestions were made on how to overcome some of the challenges faced during the process of interviewing.

17th November 2015:

Writing Behind the scenes

The workshop discussed how to use writing to learn through out the thesis satge.