Suchitra Vijay Verma


Telephone: 00971503423044 

College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: EdD - Graduate School of Research
Research Centre/Unit: Graduate School of Research (EdD TESOL)

I am a CELTA certified accomplished educator and a certified Cambridge English Examiner. I am skilled in adapting the best and competitive teaching materials to reach pupils’ potentials. I have in-depth pedagogical knowledge in managing and running a department with communicative and engaging team management skills as a result of my work experience and my association with experienced employers and expertise. I am adept in school and curriculum planning. I believe in devoting and exploiting my expertise to the fullest and to work towards the organization’s goals and mission. I want to serve in the field of education with an open mind and complete determination.

I hold a Masters in English Literature. I have been in the education sector for the past 14 years. I have worked as an English teacher, ESL Instructor, English Lecturer, Head of Department and a Lead of EMI. To earn a doctorate has always been my passion. Currently, I am in the third year of my doctorate. I have evolved from a novice doctoral student to a researcher. I intend to continue my journey with the EdD course with complete passion and enthusiasm. 

With my doctorate, I want to research in the field of teacher development not only in the Gulf region but compare the same with the conditions around the world. As a researcher, I wish to navigate into the realms of English teaching, teacher development and student learning within this region.