Suchitra Vijay Verma

22nd February 2016 to 30th October present

Lead of English Medium Subjects (EMI Lead) for 3 schools

I am currently a Lead of the EMI subjects in the Ministry of Education, Dubai. I look after subjects like English, Business, Design and Technology, Health Science, PE and Advanced Maths and Science with regards to teaching and learning, curriculum development, assessment, teacher training, IELTS induction and training, EmSAT induction and training and administrative duties. 

This is the most challenging job I have ever been in as I learn and do something new every single day. Taking care of teachers and managing people is the most challenging part of my job and learning new things is the most interesting part. I look forward to serving the country in the education sector in more challenging ways. 

26th August 2014 to 21st February 2016

Head of English Department

I worked as the Head of the English Department at the Al Shorouq International School in Dubai. This was my first time to be in a leadership position and to play a vital role in the school's Senior Leadership Team. I was in-charge of KG to Grade 12. I conducted trainings and workshops and also used to teach. The time I spent at the Al Shorouq School serve as a foundation of my leadership skills. 

22nd January 2013 to 29th September 2015

English Lecturer at Skyline University, College, Sharjah

I have taught the foundations courses, trained for IELTS, Cambridge PET and KET and City and Guilds exams. I have also completed administrative tasks in the capacity of a part-time teaching faculty. 

2nd February 2007 to 14th August 2014

ESL Instructor

I taught ESL to Japanese students in Dubai for more than 7 years. This was my first teaching experience in the UAE. During my tenure as an ESL teacher, I evolved as a teacher in terms of teaching and learning, methodologies, approaches, student learning and developmental stages. I also represented the English department as a Lead on a couple of occasions to the Dubai Inspections Body.