Suzanne Steele

1st January 1991 to 12th March present

lectures, presentations

"Suzanne Steele was inspirational, awesome and a brilliant teacher", "Loved the poetry workshop" - student comments. "It is almost unheard of for them to name a teacher like that - how wonderful!" - Dr. Rosalind Leveredge, University of Exeter, April, 2013. In 2013 I began to teach at the university level: British Poetry of the First World War - from the Iliad to David Jones Intro to Film (shadow GTA program) - the film score as star (Breakfast at Tiffany's). In 2014 I am appearing at StAnza, the St Andrews International Poetry Festival, at the Royal Military Institute lecture series in Toronto Ontario, and will be presenting a paper at Oxford in September 2014. I am lead on a major Great War installation The Long Goodbye with my collective eXegesis, and I continue to give lectures, presentations and readings for a wide variety of audiences - students, the general public and military. I hope that my work as an artist witness is a conversation (a teaching?) which respects the reader or the audience to make their own moral decisions. I completed a major commission for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, chorus and children's chorus, and for soprano, tenor, alto and baritone, which is titled Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation and which received excellent critical reviews, currently have a video installation in Canada and Scotland, and will continue to be presenting, teaching, and exhibiting throughout 2014-15.