Tamara Al Khalili


December 2020:

your role, your responsibility, your organization

July 2018:

I participated in the Young Leadership Development Program Camp at Beirut Arab University for 6 days - Lebanon.

February 2018:

I attended the 9th Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon.

May 2017:

I attended teachers’ workshop on Making the Teaching of English More Communicative at the American University of Science and Technology - Lebanon.

March 2017:

I attended the Writing Symposium at the Lebanese American University - Lebanon.

30th April 2016:

I attended a seminar about Translation at Prince Sultan University - KSA.

April 2016:

I attended the Propel TOFEL IBT Workshop at Al Faisal University - KSA.


April 2016:

I attended the First International Education Conference for Graduate  

Students - Lebanon.

February 2016:

I attended a workshop about the Learning Outcomes Assessment by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment - KSA.

December 2015:

I attended a Workshop about "Developing Life Performance Outcomes for your School” by Dr. Spady - KSA.

December 2015:

I attended The Second International Conference on Assessment & Evaluation Entitled (Learning Outcomes Assessment) - KSA.


Graduate School Skills Workshops

February 2018:

I particpated in a presentation about the Writing Process Approach in Exeter Doctoral Research Forum at the Knowledge Village - Dubai - UAE.  

November 2017:

I attended the Power of Play in Professional & Daily Life workshop at the  Lebanese American University - Lebanon


February 2016:

I attended a training about Research Skills of Electronic Resources from EBSCO at Dar Al Uloom University - KSA.



 I attended workshops about

  1. Welcome to the world of Montessori
  2. The Intercultural Dynamics in the Saudi EFL Classroo
  3. Assessment in Higher Education and Student Self-Assement
  4. How to teach English Speaking and Listening with Unlock


I attended workshops about:

  1. Different Ways for Handling Students’ Learning Difficulties.
  2. Unpacking the Common Core Standards
  3. Student Portfolio
  4. Managing and Modifying Difficult Students in the Classrooms.
  5. Teaching Portfolio


     I attended Several Workshops about:

​            1. Improving School

​            2. Classroom Development

​            3. Cooperative Learning

​            4. KSIS Writing Process

​            5. Small Group Instruction

​            6. The Elements of Reading



-  Presented the Fourth Annual Debating Competition among universities  Saudi Arabia - KSA.


November 2019:

Introduction to community interpreting