Tessa Parslow



College: College of Humanities

"Word Made Flesh: The Bible, Gender, and Embodiment in Milton's Poetry."

Recipient of a Vice-Chancellor's scholarship.

Supervised by Professor Karen Edwards and Professor Nicholas McDowell.


Having begun my academic studies in the Theology and Religion department at Exeter, my PhD research investigated John Milton's particular reading and re-imagining of the Bible in his major poetry, particularly focusing on Milton's portrayal of women's bodies (virginity and chastity; menstruation; childbirth and miscarriage; breastfeeding, etc.). While Milton's work is widely recognised to be saturated with biblical references and allusions, my PhD aimed to further the investigation of Milton's biblical engagement beyond its use as a literary source towards a systematic study of Milton's theology of scripture. 


"Dinah and the Lady: Deuteronomic Rape Law in A Maske Presented at Ludlow Castle," Milton Quarterly (2020)

"'A Meet and Happy Conversation': Milton and Divorce in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre," Milton Studies (2021)


I have presented papers on Milton's biblical engagement in his masque Comus at both the British Milton Seminar (2015), the Society for Renaissance Studies Conference (2016), and at the Twelfth International Milton Symposium (2019).